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faqWhat services does Solid Source Healthcare Resources, LLC provide?
Solid Source Healthcare Resources, LLC is a provider of Home Care and Nursing Care services.

Where is your home care agency located?
We are currently located in Chicago, Illinois and one in Ottawa, Illinois.

What kind of health care professionals are in your team?
We have nurses, personal care attendants, home health aides and other allied health practitioners.

What counties are covered in your service area?
Solid Source Healthcare Resources, LLC is proud to serve the cities and counties of Cook, Grundy, Will and La Salle.

Do I need a recommendation from my physician to take advantage of home care?
Not necessarily. A doctor’s recommendation may help in the creation of your care plan but even when you come to our home care agency out of your own or your family’s decision, we will still accommodate you. We tailor fit care plans for all clients prior to the start of services.